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Research Questions


1) What modifications to the south Florida water management system will increase the resilience of water supplies to climate variability, climate change, and salt water intrusion caused by SLR?

2) What are the social-ecological and hydro-economic implications of maintaining or enhancing high-value attributes of the built and natural systems in south Florida (e.g., flood control, ecosystem functioning), recognizing that population pressure, economic realities, climate change, and eventually, SLR may preclude the long-term sustainability of all these attributes at or above their current levels?

3) How does information about the economic and environmental costs of making water available, the value of water use, and the risks to the sustainability of water supplies influence stakeholder preferences for management options?

4) What cognitive models and behavioral biases are active in group decision-making forums that deal with the selection of alternative management schemes for public water resources? Can this information be used to enhance the utility of the participatory processes required to develop sustainable regional management plans?

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